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Parrish is a cello trio whose members first met and played together during their undergraduate degree at Eastman School of Music, and then continued their education together at New England Conservatory. Now, while based in three different states, the trio combines their talents and experience again to benefit online and local communities. 

Parrish will have a cello trio residency in Greenville, SC, in October, 2022. The residency will include a free masterclass at the Greenville Fine Arts Center, a live streamed house concert, and a final concert at the Fine Arts Center.

The non-traditional nature of the cello trio ensemble lends itself to easily bridging genre gaps. The trio will play music spanning from Lassus to Imogen Heap, including many of the trio's own arrangements. 

The trio gets its name from Maxfield Parrish, a painter known for his fantasy and neo-classical imagery, particularly popular in the 1920's. A Maxfield Parrish mural can be found in Eastman Theater at the Eastman School of Music, where the trio met. 



Oct. 6, 2022, 7PM - Fine Arts Center
FREE to observe

The trio will also host a free master class for Fine Arts Center students. The class is open to the public, and anyone is welcome to come observe. It will be in the traditional masterclass style, where several students will take turns performing for the audience and getting feedback from Seth, Jamie, or Kenny. This class will provide the unique opportunity for local Greenville students to get insight from three professional cellists, each with a doctorate in music. Their collective experience includes international competitions, university teaching, and pedagogy from cellists like Steven Isserlis and Pieter Wispelwey. 



Oct. 7, 2022, 7:30 PM - Groupmuse
$20 suggested donation

The trio will perform a live-stream concert via Groupmuse, a platform designed to host in person and online house concerts. The trio members have performed Groupmuse concerts in several different states, and performed them in Boston when Groupmuse was first starting. This online event will include optional Zoom sessions with the trio members before and after the performance, which provides a chance for everyone to get to know one another.

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Oct. 8, 2022, 7PM - Fine Arts Center
102 Pine Knoll Dr, Greenville, SC 29609
$20 suggested donation

The final event of Parrish's Greenville residency will be a featured concert at the Fine Arts Center. Their program will include a wide variety of styles, ranging from Baroque to indie folk and rock.